At morecambe window company we use Spectus elite 70 profile. We can provide any style of window to suit your property

All our UPVC casement windows have the following benefits;

-The latest uPVC technology to enhance your home
-Multi-point locking forms a secure barrier to potential intruders
-28mm sealed units made from Planithern Glass, which ensures
-maximum thermal and sound insulation.

Replacement Glass – Failed Double Glazing or Broken glass?

Double glazed windows and doors are essentially made up of sealed individual double glazed units that are fitted into the door or window frame e.g. upvc or aluminium window frame.

When a double glazed window appears to be misty, foggy or steamy it is likely that the material used to make a seal between the two glass units has been broken or breached, perhaps only in a relatively small area.

Over time the inside of the glass in the unit becomes more stained and dirty with successive amounts of condensation until it looks misty most of the time.

What is the Solution?

Replace that problem double glazed unit with a new unit. This does not mean that you have to replace the whole window or door frame – just the glass unit(s).

We can replace your foggy, misty, steamy old double glazed units with fantastic clear, new ‘A’ rated units.